Some people say:


1. "Christianity divides God into different parts, which makes this faith idolatry."

2. "Christianity is polytheism, therefore idolatrous."


This refutation of Christianity denies the self-understanding of Christianity : God is One. This is fundamental to Christianity. 

Christianity says: God is One, and He has revealed Himself as Being One in Communion of the Father, the Word and the Spirit.


God is a Mystery. Who is able to know the depth of God, but the Spirit of God? God is Love: which supposes communion between "persons".


If you say: God is One, what are you saying? What does the concept "One-ness" mean if it is related to God. Is God alone, lonely?


God is God, He is totally present in one infinit-small fraction of time and space; and at the same time He is totally present in all fractions of time and space at the very same moment. He is above time and space, and within time and space.


What does it mean: God is One?

He is totally present to you, and at the same time He is totally present to me, and you and you...: He is more then just a person, a personality, a oneness, a singualrity. To all men of all times at all places He is the same complete 'person' at the same very one moment, and still He is One, not multiple personal. The word 'person' cannot fully describe God.


God is not simply "One", as a mathematical figure.

-He is the One and Only, nobody and nothing is like Him, He is 'unique'.

-He is Unified and Pure, not divided and confused. He is One 'Piece', you can rely on Him, because He does not speak double-tongued or deceitful.

-God is 'omnipresent'. But He is also fully omnipresent: that is to say: in every dot of space and every dot of time He is totally and personally present. God is fully present in every n-times nano-dot. God is fully present in an n-times extended cosmos. God is fully present on every thinkable level of creation, without ever fusing with creation, or becomming creation. (Creation is not divine).


God is totally present within creation. (Immanence).

God is totally absent in creation. (Transcendence).


There is infinite distance between God and creation.

There is no distance between God and creation.


In the eyes of God all times are Now.

In the eyes of God now is the only Real Time.


In the eyes of God all places are Here.

In the eyes of God Here is the only Real Place.


To Him one second is an eternity, and eternity is one second.

To Him one dot is a universe, and the universe is one dot.


"By the word of the Lord, the heavens were made, and with the breath of His mouth, all their host."(Ps.33:6)


1. God created the heavens and the earth

2. the word of the Lord created the heavens and the earth

3. the breath of His mouth created the heavens and the earth


God is the word He speaks and He is the spirit He breathes.


When God breathes, His breath is divine, and His breath reflects God.

His breath is personal,

His breath is willful,

His breath is creative,

His Breath is God, yet came forth from God.


When God speaks His word, His word is also divine, and His word reflects God,


His word is personal as God is,

His word is willful as God is,

His word is creative as God is,

the Word is God, yet spoken by God.


When this Word incarnates, 'becomes flesh' (John 1), then all of His humanity is expression of His divinity (Catechism of the Catholic Church).


Jesus Christ is this mystery of the union of God and man, without fusion. He is the Holy Marriage between God and man: a total union, without fusion.